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Since 2018, Sarah (sg/she/they) has been providing timely, honest and affordable service and repair work and teaching new farmers how to operate and maintain equipment in the Hudson Valley.

Though Sarah loves to repair equipment, she's found she's most joyous when teaching.  Sarah has been honing her full day Tractor Operation workshop for several years and has traveled across New York State to train farmers on how their equipment functions and best practice for operation. In the winter of 2022, Sarah worked with the Hudson Valley Farm Hub to co-create and teach an 8-week Farm Mechanic Basics program for farmers to learn how to repair and maintain their own equipment. She has found a real passion for making mechanical information accessible to Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, people of color, women and non-binary folks. 

Over the past 15 years of growing vegetables, making compost, and teaching adults and kids, she has been developing her knack for operating equipment and fixing machines.  While getting her bachelor's degree in her home state of Michigan, Sarah began operating harvesting equipment on a cherry farm and shadowed the farm’s mechanic there.  She operated a variety of heavy equipment while managing the compost operation at Stone Barns Center, where her mentor there helped further her mechanical education.  Throughout her time growing vegetables on production farms in the past decade, she has enjoyed the puzzling through the maintenance and repairs along the way.  Sarah is based in Kingston, New York.


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