Sarah’s mission is to serve the Hudson Valley farming community by providing timely, honest and affordable service and repair work.  Over the past decade of growing vegetables, making compost, and working with kids, she has been developing her knack for operating and fixing equipment. 


While getting her bachelor's degree in her home state of Michigan, Sarah began operating harvesting equipment on a cherry farm and shadowed the farm’s mechanic to learn how to repair and service fork lifts, cherry shakers, and tractors. She operated a variety of heavy equipment while managing the compost operation at Stone Barns Center, where she learned useful repairs and good mechanical practices from her mentor there.  Throughout her time growing vegetables in the past decade, she has enjoyed learning to repair the tractors and implements involved in production along the way.  Now she regularly maintains equipment for several farms in the area and is available for urgent repairs as well.


Through this work, Sarah has learned to be patient with the often tedious process of diagnosing and repairing mechanical issues and finds great satisfaction in a well-running machine.  Sarah has seen the need for prompt, on-site mechanical support for farmers in the Hudson Valley and she is thrilled to offer up her skills and experience.